Vendor Selection

Global Link can assist you in the selection of the best vendor for equipment and services based exclusively on your communications needs. Through an analysis of your needs and current infrastructure, we can narrow down the options and establish contact with the companies providing the top available solutions. As a next step, Global Link can invite the top solutions to provide additional information or details through direct requests (RFI or RFP) that will help differentiate among the options.

The Global Link approach will organize and prioritize the solution requirements for your specific needs and direct the top companies to tailor their offering to what would work best for your company. The final step would be to operate trials for each of the top solutions if there is not a clear advantage from the proposal offering.

This systematic approach is best applied to a major investment or annual expenditure that requires careful consideration before making the final decision. For less complex decisions, Global Link can simply recommend the best combination of equipment and services to match your daily

Carrier Options

The voice and data carrier services available to your business are evolving rapidly as are the communications needs for your business.   Since you likely do not have the time or resources to audit your existing services, we can manage the entire process for you with the goal of streamlining services and reducing costs.

Global Link will look for waste by identifying unused and obsolete services and pursue potential reimbursements by uncovering current and historical overcharges.  We will make vendor-neutral recommendations and help you select the most cost-effective combination of carrier services for your business needs.  Global Link will also supervise the deployment of services, integration with your network and provide ongoing technical support.

You have a choice of over 40 carriers that offer a full range of traditional and next generation voice & data communications services including:

  • Ethernet Services:  Ethernet delivers voice and data using the Internet, providing a cost effective way to provide high levels of bandwidth (up to 1 Gigabit for certain network-based applications). It can help reduce the need for capital outlay, providing incremental bandwidth options so you only purchase the bandwidth you need.
  • Business-Class Cable Internet, Phone and TV services:  Cable Internet and Voice are a great way for small businesses to get cost-effective, high bandwidth connections. Because the cost is so low, it’s also a great backup Internet service for businesses of all sizes.
  • SIP Trunking:  SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows businesses to send voice and data traffic, both internally and externally, over the Internet instead of the regular telephone network.  This “direct connection” to the Internet translates into substantial cost savings and better quality of service.
  • T1 Services:  T1 services offer high bandwidth via a dedicated digital connection with robust Quality of Service capabilities in a variety of formats.
  • Audio & Web Conferencing (AWC):  Both hosted and premise-based Audio & Web conferencing services help keep collaboration going and productivity up while reducing unnecessary spending..
  • Analog Services:  Traditional analog lines and trunks are available.  In addition to extremely competitive local, long distance, toll free and international rates, analog services provide access to all the features you’ve become accustomed to, including call forwarding, and caller ID.


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