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Voice Solutions

Contact Center
Contact Centers play a critical role in retaining your customers and helping to earn new customers. Global Link allows improved customer care by providing flexible and cost-effective solutions including premise, cloud, or hybrid-based solutions. Learn more

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Global Link was a pioneer in utilizing IVR to solve the communications needs of companies with customized solutions focused on business needs. IVR can provide 24/7 answers to common questions, reduce staffing needs and increase customer satisfaction. Learn more

Phone Systems – Design and Installation
Global Link delivers reliable, fully functioning telephone services within established budgets, by partnering with leading equipment manufacturers and service providers. Learn more

Unified Communications
Unified Communications is a series of voice and data communication services to improve internal communications and enhance the ability for your employees to reach your customers. Some of the Unified Communications options include Short Message Service (SMS), VoIP, Messaging, Mobile Phones, Mobility and Email. Learn more

Data Solutions

Cloud or Premise Based
Voice or data network can be premise or cloud based, with advantages to each approach. Global Link guides you through the myriad of choices to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks. Learn more

Data Management
Global Link specializes in developing a comprehensive strategy to link your data and network to individual computers and devices beyond simply plugging and playing. Global Link seamlessly integrates technologies such as virtualization, security, video streaming and access control systems into a dynamic solution for your business.

Disaster Recovery
Preparing for the unexpected is a vital part of proper business planning and Global Link develops precautionary steps to back up your data and plan for disasters to reduce the hit, shield your business and prioritize your communications. Learn more

Infrastructure Technology
Global Link plans and deploys communications infrastructure matched to business needs and adapts it to changing business conditions. Proper infrastructure planning and installation allows for future expansion and contraction with a robust and cost effective technology infrastructure. Learn more

Internet/Local Area Network Services/Wireless
Global Link helps determine the appropriate cost and bandwidth for your business needs regarding Internet, LAN and Wireless access with attention on security and access in both wired and wireless environments. Learn more

Network Monitoring
Global Link utilizes multiple strategies including wireless and mobile capabilities to establish a secure and robust network. Global Link develops a cost-effective monitoring plan to manage, and secure your network and monitor the functioning on an ongoing basis. Learn more

Communication Solutions

A/V Integration
Global Link can provide whatever multimedia solution your business requires including the use of audio and video in daily business functioning for presentations, meetings and internal operations. Learn more

Audio Paging
Paging in a physical facility that has a large footprint is often the most effective way to contact a particular individual or communicate an important event or occurrence.Global Link understands the intricacies of installing a paging system based upon the business environment and everyday usage. Learn more

Background Music
Background music is utilized in public spaces to establish a mood for the visitors.  The same system can also deliver a promotional message to highlight a specific product or service directly to the target audience while in the purchase location. Global Link can work with you to integrate the music and announcement operations into your premise or cloud based system. Learn more

PA Announcements
Public spaces such as retail locations, hotels, hospitals, transportation centers, and schools often need to make announcements to control crowds, movement of people, contact a specific individual and many other purposes. Global Link understands the importance of appropriate equipment and placement of speakers to provide the clearest possible communication for public address announcements. Learn more

Global Link understands the need for your business to stay connected through voice and E-mail during your relocation. We offer planned solutions to minimize or negate downtime so you do not miss customer interactions. Learn more

Video Conferencing
Global Link develops video conferencing capabilities to match your anticipated usage and allows live interaction between parties regardless of the distance or location.  Video conferencing can provide a major savings in travel time and expenses while facilitating direct personal interaction. Learn more

Video Monitoring
Global Link plans and integrates video surveillance and monitoring to provide security and control of an environment. The video solution allows live viewing for immediate action and recapture video to document any particular incident for future action. Learn more


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