SMS Text Messaging

All-in-One Marketing

Mobile Text + email + Voice Broadcast + IM + Social Media

Solutions for:
Restaurants – Retail Stores – Churches – Schools – Non-Profits – TV/Radio/Magazines – Ad Agencies – Marketing – Clubs, Bars, Promoters – Medical Services – Organizations

Contact People on Every Mode with a single click 
Tech savvy consumers want close relationships with organizations and businesses with quick, clear and concise communications.  All-in-One Marketing combines mobile texting, email, Voice Broadcast, IM and Social Media at about the same cost as just emailing.  Stay in touch with your opt-in audience across all sources with one click.

Mobile Marketing is Easy
Use Key words and Short 5 digit code to communicate message and promotion in advertising and signage to build opt-in audience.  Participant receives welcome message and remains in the database for future communications that have proven to be more effective than email or phone calls.

Reduce Costs
All-in-One Marketing can reduce the cost of communicating with your audience in multiple formats and a more effective communication.

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