Global Link Maintenance/Repair Services

Scheduled Maintenance
Global Link can arrange for any manufacturers suggested maintenance on equipment or software solutions. Conducting the maintenance as recommended can help to avoid more costly repairs and costly down time.   In most cases, Global Link technicians can quickly and efficiently manage the planned maintenance without any interruption of service and can also arrange back up service to replace the essential activity during the maintenance. Learn more 

Cost Certainty
Global Link can isolate and limit communication expenses by designing and implementing a maintenance plan for all of your communications equipment.  The fixed monthly cost will provide regularly scheduled maintenance and unlimited repairs a fixed monthly cost. Any necessary repairs will be covered in the plan and you will receive priority on repair calls. Learn more

Discount Pricing
If you decide to place a Global Link Maintenance Plan on your technology equipment, you will receive any discount that we receive from the manufacturer if the damaged equipment cannot be repaired and is not covered by the manufacturers warranty. Learn more

24/7 Availability
Global Link repair specialists are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to handle critical issues that may arise with your hardware or software applications. In some cases we will be solve the issue or we will arrange a service call at your convenience. Learn more

Repair or Replacement
Global Link technicians are prepared to repair or replace your communications equipment and will work with you for replacement services if there is an extended period of time for the replacement. Learn more

Remote or Onsite
Global Link technicians are available to handle any issues that arise with your communications equipment and operations at any of your locations. Many repairs will be managed quickly and effectively to maintain your operations effectively. Learn more

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