Infrastructure and Cabling

Proper design and installation of cabling and hardware can result in increased productivity and lower technology costs on an annual basis. Lack of planning, poor design and improper cabling of voice, data, video and audio functions can result in lost staff time, poor customer service and ongoing expenses.

In addition to traditional functions, cabling infrastructure must accommodate wireless access point placement, fixed video endpoints, time clocks, ceiling microphones, A/V equipment, IP public address speakers, and many other communications functions for your business. Global Link has expertise in all phases of infrastructure and cabling and our architects will produce a complete, coherent design to meet your needs and increases collaboration.

Proper planning of a network includes the integration of growth into the current structure. The Global Link engineers plan for optimal current performance plus a reserved space for future growth that can be rapidly deployed with new devices and services.

Global Link cabling services include low voltage voice and data networks, fiber optic cable, copper twisted pair and coaxial cable. Learn more

Network Development

Global Link can install your entire voice and data network to seamless manage all of your communications needs. Proper installation of your network requires appropriate planning and a focus on the entire network infrastructure to properly place and connect all devices and install all applications. Your network should be installed with a vision toward the future and allow for the plug and play addition or deletion of new technologies as they become available.

Cloud and premise based systems must be installed to operate securely and seamlessly within your network and Global Link can take the lead in providing an installation of your network that can easily manage your current demand while planning for future integrations. Learn more

Voice, Data, Video and Audio Equipment

Regardless of your communications needs, Global Link can arrange for the acquisition and installation of your voice, data, video and audio equipment without business interruptions.  Installation of the equipment includes attaching any additional or existing devices and integrating the necessary software whether it is premise or cloud based. All installations include testing to complete the process so that you are ready to use the equipment when we are finished. Learn more

Equipment/Software Integration

Improper integration of software and hardware can cause errors, malfunctioning, breakdowns and reduced productivity. Global Link understands the best methods to integrate equipment and applications to achieve maximum productivity for the specific intended communication purposes. We fully test all installations to ensure proper operation and maximum utilization of the available features. Learn more

Staff Training

Most equipment and software solutions require you and your staff to operate, schedule, or maintain and Global Link technicians will fully train everyone who will be using the equipment or software on the proper use. If your new solutions are developed by Global Link, then we will provide written directions that can be maintained for reference purposes after the installation in addition to any manufacturer or vendor material. Learn more


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