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Global Link researches the latest data solutions that match the business needs of our clients and integrates the software, hardware, premise and cloud applications to work seamlessly, efficiently and effectively.

Application Development
Global Link works with your company decision makers to modify and adapt off-the-shelf solutions and integrate the application into the daily operations of your business.  Global Link specializes in developing a comprehensive strategy to link your data and network to individual computers and devices. Global Link integrates technologies such as virtualization, security, video streaming and access control systems into a dynamic solution for your business. Learn more

Cabling Services
Proper design and installation of cabling and hardware can result in increased productivity and lower monthly/annual technology costs. Lack of planning, poor design and improper cabling of voice, data, video and audio functions can result in lost staff time, poor customer service and ongoing expenses.  Global Link has expertise in all phases of infrastructure and cabling and our architects will produce a complete, coherent design to meet your needs and increase collaboration. Learn more

Cloud Computing 
Global Link offers a complete portfolio of cloud communications solutions for your business. We deliver flexibility, reliability, and scale through the planning, design, and implementation of hybrid or pure cloud communication solutions, utilizing leading hosting providers. Learn more

Contact Center
Global Link helps your Contact Center deliver remarkable customer experiences across every customer interaction – voice, email, text, social, web — through a customized solution. Whether your Contact Center is established within your business unit or is a standalone facility with 3rd party clients, Global Link provides the full range of services to effectively and efficiently manage the customer experience. Learn more

Data Assessment and Audit
Global Link can perform an audit and assessment of your data network to determine the costs, effectiveness, and efficiency matched to the current needs of your business. The assessment can also include a complete reconfiguration of the network to maximize productivity and also integrate new solutions that better match your needs. We will work with you to determine your needs and recommend programs and providers that offer the best solution for your company. We do not push any specific brand, but we are very familiar with available technology company products to know which would work best for you. Our goal is to get the best combination of products and services and then personalize them to your company. Learn more

Disaster Recovery
Global Link has the experience and programming knowledge to provide the best Disaster Recovery plan to avoid any major business interruption when a disaster hits, by reducing the effects of the hit, shielding your business and prioritizing your communications.  Global Link protects your communications functions through strategic planning to implement protocol and incremental steps to plan for a disaster recovery in the event that a business interruption occurs. Learn more

Infrastructure Technology
The infrastructure for communications is the foundation for integrated voice and data solutions and to a lesser degree audio and video applications and equipment. Since business needs, market conditions and the available technologies are always evolving, a stable and flexible infrastructure allows expansion and contraction of services and equipment to meet current demands. A well-planned and installed infrastructure can deliver more robust applications at a lower overall cost. Learn more

Internet/Local Area Network Services/Wireless
Global Link can help you determine if you are paying too much for your Internet connection and if you have the appropriate level of bandwidth for your current business needs. Wireless technology has special requirements especially regarding security and access and Global Link can securely integrate wireless capabilities into your network. Learn more

Monitoring and Support Services 
Global Link provides the appropriate level of support to keep your data networks (including workstations, servers, and equipment) operating properly and your business functioning optimally. We also provide a 24/7 emergency service to deal with any unforeseen situations that emerge as a threat to your business. Learn more

Network Design Maintenance and Security
Global Link can design and manage all aspects of your computer systems and IT network, including infrastructure cabling, desktop configuration, and network management.  Our experienced staff will ensure your network is well managed with virus and malware control, firewall protection, backup, and disaster recovery.  Global Link will design your network with the appropriate security and ensure the network is available, scalable and ready to take on your mission-critical business requirements. Learn more

Network Monitoring
When managing your data network, multiple strategies must be considered including wireless and mobile capabilities, security and virtualization. Technological innovations require your business to consider the most effective method for managing your network. Global Link offers cost-effective services for your network to help plan, manage, and secure your network and can continue to monitor the functioning on an ongoing basis. Learn more

Unified Communications
Unified Communications allow for live and instant communication services such as SMS, Automatic Call Distribution, instant messaging, email, video conferencing, and mobility to deliver a specific customer communication functions. Unified Communication services provide flexibility in communicating with customers, including the ability to work remotely while accessing all of the necessary company information. Unifying your communications represents a dynamic solution for your network infrastructure and Global Link will guide through a flexible and scalable Unified Communications solution for your business needs. Learn more


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