About Global Link Communications

Founded in 1992, Global Link Communications utilizes a consultative approach to provide customized communications solutions in voice, data, video and audio applications. Global Link clients, including small to large “b to b” and “b to c” businesses, utilize the solutions that we establish to more effectively link with their customers.

Global Link strategic planners have extensive experience in a wide range of industries including Financial, Retail, Manufacturing, Industrial, Insurance, Healthcare, Legal, Energy, Education, and Government. Global Link executives develop results oriented integration of systems and equipment into the existing business environment. We intelligently address communications issues faced by your business and are forward thinking to provide flexible solutions that can be adapted to technologic advancements and changing business conditions.

Global Link has valuable experience and relationships with the leading communications manufacturers and providers that we leverage to customize voice, data, video and audio solutions that match your business need. We go beyond a basic quality installation by adapting your communication solutions to the specific needs of your business including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Video Conferencing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Unified Communications (SMS, VoIP, Messaging, email, mobility.)

Headquartered in Bensalem, PA we focus our customized solutions on East Coast companies from Maine to Florida. Our central location in the region allows Global Link to provide 24/7-repair service and the ability to quickly respond to our client’s immediate needs.

Let Global Link design, install, train, renovate, upgrade, or relocate all of your voice, data, video and audio communication functions. Contact us today for a complimentary review of your business needs and explore how we can make your business more efficient and productive within your budgetary constraints.


Adel Sidky – Founder

Over a 20+ year career, Mr. Sidky provided visionary leadership for the development of organizational structure and technology planning at several large corporations with a national footprint. Mr. Sidky used an innate ability to forecast potential problem areas and address these concerns during the initial design phase when deploying many major infrastructure projects on time and within established budgets.

Mr. Sidky founded Global Link Communications in 1992 where he integrated a consultative approach to Global Link clients during the design and implementation of communication solutions that resulted in measurable business benefits.

The same approach to technology infrastructure development and software integration that Mr. Sidky applied to large organizations has proven invaluable for Global Link clients of all sizes. Every Global Link client project receives an unmatched attention to detail along with a focus on a solution that is customized for their unique needs. Working with client leadership, Mr. Sidky identifies the essential business needs and develops communication solutions designed for their organizational and operational structure.

Mr. Sidky provides the corporate vision and understanding of technology that allows Global Link clients to integrate communication solutions that will result in rapid deployment of new technologies as their business evolves.

All Global Link clients have access to Mr. Sidky’s creative thinking, business acumen, and strategic planning for their communication solutions.

Robert Sidky – VP and Chief Operating Officer

Over the past 20 years, Robert has been a leader in the communications industry. He has served highly regulated healthcare and finance industries as a transformation agent through planning, installing, launching, restructuring, growing, and managing IT solutions and staffing. This detail oriented IT leadership has provided guidance and direction for general contractors, landlord and landlord’s tenants in many other industries.

Robert has developed a broad vision and vast experience delivering professional IT Infrastructure and telecommunication solutions in many rapidly changing technologies. Through programming and applications, Robert has used his knowledge of VoIP networks and IT infrastructure in working with company leaders to design, install, train, and maintain technology solutions to meet the demands of evolving business needs.

Since 2015, Robert has served as the Chief Operating Officer for Global Link Communications generating new business while managing execution of all projects. His expertise in key technologies (telecommunications, networking, infrastructure hardware, and CRM integrations) along with hosted platforms such as AWS, Azure, Brivo, Five9, N-Able, and many other Carrier Services allow Global Link clients to get the very best solution for their specific business conditions.

Robert utilizes current technologies and his experience as a C level executive in IT architecture, integration, project management, and implementation to introduce the latest technology solutions to Global Link Communications clients, while simultaneously working with a wide variety of vendors to arrange the best solution possible for each client

Shannon Kerr – Director of Field Operations

Shannon has been a part of Global Link Communications for more than 20 years, leading the planning, installation, testing, troubleshooting and repairs for voice, data and security cabling systems and equipment. Shannon’s expertise in low voltage construction and termination has helped Global Link provide a full range of services for the highly sensitive financial, insurance and banking industries as well as a full range of businesses, both large and small.

Shannon has a unique ability to read and interpret blueprints and drawings of architects, engineers, and designers while installing to all industry standards and effectively communicating with Global Link clients regarding the impact of business operations.

Shannon has a comprehensive understanding of telecommunication and IT vendor product lines and guides Global Link clients through the maze of options for their voice, data, a/v, and security needs.

Why Global Link?

Unique Consultative Approach
We take the time to listen carefully and collaborate with you to ensure your success. We spend the time to understand your needs, evaluate your current infrastructure, determine success factors, explore your options and recommend the best solution.

Expert Advice
Our certified staff’s broad knowledge and years of experience allow us to provide the best solutions for your business, ensuring peace of mind with your decision.

Outstanding Customer Service
Our customers praise our responsiveness and on-time execution. Our thorough follow-through and support has led to long-standing satisfied customer relationships.

Seamless Integration
We believe it is critical to integrate new solutions with your existing systems and products. This ensures we deliver a complete communications solution to meet your needs.

Broad Range of Leading Edge Solutions
Global Link works with many different equipment vendors and service providers and has a complete understanding of available technologies. We will provide multiple cost effective options to best meet your current and future requirements.

Global Link: One Company. One Call.

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  • Software Development
  • Project Management